Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer is flying by

I can't believe it is the middle of July already. I need to add at least one more month to the summer before the kids go back to school. I just looked at the school calendar last week and the boys go back to school on Aug. 21st. It makes me slightly upset. That is during the week of a local county fair. Not the county we live in but the county my boys are in for 4-H. That means they will not be able to participate in some of the things they would normally do. Is there a reason we need to start that early in the year? I think not. My husband feels a little differently, but I will be letting the school board know how I feel. This also makes me feel like the rest of the summer will be rushed. Not very relaxing.

Onto some recent fashions. I knit this cute little sweater for a coworker who was expecting her first child. Obviously she knew she was having a girl. I also knew she would appreciate a handmade garment and she loved it. It is small toddler size so I will have to wait a while before I get to see her in it, but I know I liked receiving gifts that I could save for later. I know I should link the website where I got the pattern, but I am too lazy to go search out the pattern. It was a free pattern and if you really want it jut leave me a comment and I will find it for you. I was very happy how it turned out. It was fun to knit something small and girly. I don't get to do that much.
Next post I will show you some of the new additions to our animal family. Enjoy your summer!

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