Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Wow! Time really flies. I don't even know where it has gone. I thought the day (for a Friday the 13th) was going pretty well, until this evening. I went to pull my car in the garage and I ran over one of our dogs. I think she's o.k. but I feel sooooo BAD. She already has enough problems. she's old and the others started picking on her so bad we had to bring her in the house. Her back right leg is pretty sore, but looks normal. She is stiff and has a hard time moving as it is and now I have to help her get up on her legs and then she can start moving. Morning is going to be rough I'm afraid. We had a couple of really cold days after freezing rain and moments of blizzard like weather but things are finally warming up. Our garden seeds arrived in the mail the other day and I need to start planning the garden. I am so ready for spring and everyone had better help with this garden. A nearby town is having a freezing and canning seminar at the community center and I happen to have the evening off. That means we need to purchase a much needed freezer. Maybe with our stimulus money. Won't get started on that. I really want to get the boys to eat better and I haven't been a very good example. I love vegetables, but I didn't make the kids eat them after they started on table food. I'll just keep offering them and when they are fresh from the garden, even better.

I have been knitting, but no FO's. Working on socks with a Chevron pattern, trying a knitting loom and making a rectangular shawl, and a difficult to describe shawl/sweater based on one a coworker was wearing. I'll leave you with a kitty shot. They love each other. The black one is named Tux, because he has a patch of white under his chin and on his belly. He sticks to himself and doesn't seem to require much from us. The orange one is Cosmo and he got sent back to the barn this week. He was spraying and I could never catch him at it but we knew it was him. Now Tux is around and wants to lay by us more. I think is enjoying not being tackled by Cosmo everyday. He is blind in one eye and I don't know if he will be as good a mouser as Cosmo. We'll see. Have a good rest of the day.

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