Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wardrobe Refashion

I love doing refashions! With the state of the economy, this is essential for me to feel like I have a "new" wardrobe. Most of my ideas have been seen elsewhere on the net (lots of surfing). Sometimes at work there are used scrubs that people are tired of or are not the right size anymore. A while back there was quite a large pile of x-large and 2XL tops. I like the prints and figured I could just size them down to fit and be a little more flattering.
Here are 2 that I did using a uniform top pattern I had already. The purple one had set-in sleeves so I cut them off and reattached at the appropriate size after removing the excess fabric. I also added a piece of elastic on the back to bring is in at the waist to make a more flattering shape. The floral one I just took in the sides all the way up and into the sleeve as it was all one piece. Then I took some bias tape and attached it for an empire waist and also put a couple tucks underneath it to take in a little more of the fabric. These tops were FREE and took very little time to resize. They are some of my favorites as they have more of a shape than my store bought uniform tops. I have made a couple of scrub tops using the Ellinor pattern from I added inseam pockets and sewed the front center seam a little higher at the neckline. I used elastic at the empire waist. I really like these tops except that the upper sleeves are little restrictive. Does anyone have a tip to fix this problem? The darker one is my favorite as it is Tinker Bell. Fun scrubs are allowed at work and we do not have to match each other as I am the only tech in my area. Gotta love Tink! Hope this inspires someone else to do a little wardrobe refashioning.

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