Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My rework pile just got a little smaller. Last week I was thinking I needed some new PJs but then I remembered I had some very lightly used ones that just didn't fit the same after being washed a couple times. I hate rolling over at night and feeling a draft up my back because the top is too short. Or how about when the flannel pants shrink 3 inches after being washed? I had some fleece and knit scraps in my stash so I added a few inches to the bottom of the tops and let the hems out at the bottom of the pants. I also had 2 pair of flannel pants that were just a little too tight after being washed to be comfortable. I unpicked the side seams form the waistband down about 6-8 inches and inserted a wedge of fleece. I now have 3 new pair of pajamas. There are still 3 sets waiting in the pile, and hopefully I will get those finished tomorrow.

The top on the left is a t-shirt material and I wear it with some pants from another set that the top has some "lace" on it that didn't wash well. I cut the bottom off that top and added it to the yellow one. Now it coordinates with the pants. Perfect. The set on the right is flannel and I added strips of fleece to the top and the pants to lengthen both. So glad I have these as they are telling us another cold air mass is headed our way at the end of the week. Here is a close up of the cute snowmen and cats on these PJs. Aren't they cute? Purple is one of my favorite colors.

Since reading about refashion on the blogs, I have amassed quite a stash of clothing items waiting to be re purposed or altered. I think hubby is getting a little concerned about what I am saving all this stuff for. Some items have turned out better than others, but all have been wearable. Most have been tops/cardigans. Unfortunately I have gained a few pounds this past year and I need to take the time to sew up a few pairs of pants. This is a more involved undertaking and I can't get myself going on this. Hopefully soon. I have one pair almost all cut out and several yards of fabric for other pairs in my stash already. I need some days off without hubby home. Tomorrow is such a day, so we will see what I accomplish.

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