Monday, February 16, 2009

Going digital

Well, we hooked up our digital converter box, which only cost $9.95 after the government rebate. It was the amped up antenna that cost $40 that was the kicker. But, I tell you what, it really makes a difference, even if it looks like something from outer space. get several PBS channels and I'm hoping that one of them will have Knitting Daily TV on other than at 3am. I would really like to catch an episode. Tonight I plied some of the alpaca/silk blend I have been spinning. I love how it turned out. It is so light and soft. I did some research today and found out a little about having a balanced twist. I think I did a better job than the wool I plied this weekend, though I am very happy with it also. I need to get some more so I have enough yardage to actually knit something with it. I should have enough of the alpaca/silk for at least a small wrap. I can't wait. It will probably be warming up before I get it done. I'm not even finished with the first 4 oz. yet. I'm really enjoying spinning it. I promise to get pictures posted as soon as Technoboy helps me with the hard drive.

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