Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Socks- Finished

1 more pair of socks finished. Since I can't surf the net at work as much as I used to, I knit during downtime. That makes a total of 5 pairs. I know it's not very many, but I love them. I have 2 more pairs in the que. I hope I can get at least one more pair done before it is sandal weather. I also finished the last pair of 4 sleep pants I promised the boys from Christmas. I'm not sure what took so long. It wasn't like it takes very long to sew up sweatpants. I'm glad they're done because that means I can sew something for me next. I do have a couple of presents to get sewn, but I think It's my turn next so I can keep up the momentum. I think this jacket is next. I have a blue linen look material with yellow and maroon floral pint to use. I wanted to get it done today, but I don't have it cut out yet and it is already 3pm. We'll see how much gets accomplished. Not much if I don't move away from the computer. I'll post a finished picture soon.

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