Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have sock yarn in my carry around bag that has been there for 2 weeks and they still aren't started. I have been obsessed with spinning. If I could afford to buy a spinning wheel I would have one, much to my husbands regret I'm sure. He's already cranky about the yarn stuff laying buy my chair as it is. I have only been spinning since Christmas and it is all I can think about. It just amazes me how I can do this and I'm getting happier with my results.

Back to socks.
These 2 pair actually both fit me. The green pair is very stretchy and are very cushy and comfy. The other pair was supposed to be superwash but seem to have felted and shrunk a little since I took this picture. I guess I will have to hand wash them in the future. I hope they still fit. I really love wearing my own homemade socks and need to get busy and knit a few more pairs. I only have 5 pair with one being a bulky slipper pair that I am wearing right now. They were the first pair I knit using kitchen cotton. Unfortunately my husband doesn't understand my pride and is embarrased of the colorful socks. Maybe I will knit him a pair and then he will understand. Not sure I'm ready to put the effort in not knowing if he will appreciate them. We'll see. My times up since I have to share the computer. More later.

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