Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The Christmas shopping is done. Most of the extended family are getting handmad gifts. That didn't leave much time for me to think about knitting for the boys. I don't think they will be too disappointed. I do plan on making them all something after Christmas. With the way this winter is going, there is still plenty of knitting weather left. We have had nothing but snow and wind every other day, I swear! Needless to say, I hadn't bought a single gift for them, until yesterday. I made a trip to town with a list in hand-that hubby and I had agreed upon-and got it all done in a little over 2 hours and with one stop. Yes folks, that's right. I only went to one store. Walmart. I would love to support the small town shop owners, but I can't afford them most of the time and they don't have what I want. I couldn't even find a pair of winter gloves for Mr. T anywhere in our small town. That is just ridiculous. It's December people! I was pretty proud of myself and Mr. T liked what I bought, even if he wasn't thrilled about me going a little over budget. But seriously, $20 was for taxes alone and then I spent $20 on him and replace my snow boots that lost a zipper pull in the storm this weekend while I was taking care of chores. They are fake Uggs and are distressed silver. He thinks they look funny, but he's a guy and not that up on current fashion trends. Plus, they were cheap($12). Of course, that left the wrapping to be done, all by myself on top of doing all the shopping, by myself. Granted, I like to shop, but I don't like to wrap so much and hubby really dislikes gift bags. That is all done also and I am glad. I think the boys were beginning to wonder if they were going to get anything. They were extremely goofy last night. Since I did all of that, it leaves the housecleaning to him before his mother comes next weekend. We'll see how he does. I work a 12hr day today and then the boys and I head to my sisters early tomorrow while hubby works. No time to clean if I had to shop and wrap by myself. Sounds fair to me.
Everyone travel safe for the holidays and enjoy the ones you love!

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