Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This is what it looked like at my house yesterday. Other than it being freezing cold and blowing like a banshee, the snow that was falling was beautiful. The flakes were so fluffy and HUGE. I don't mind the snow, it's just the cold and the wind that makes it miserable. Today is above zero with much less wind, but I think tomorrow is supposed to snow again and the temperature will drop.

As far as knitting goes, I just finished a scarf for a friend for Christmas. It is the Chevron Scarf from Scarf Style. They have some really cute accessories in this book. I recommend checking it out.

I hope you can see the stitch definition. It is hard to capture black yarn accurately. I wanted to use a really nice yarn, but the budget didn't allow so I found a nice acrylic, yes I used acrylic, called Love This Yarn. It was less than $3.00 and comes 355yds to a skein so it took just one skein for a decent length scarf. She is a shorter gal so I think this will be just right. I have been trying to make as many gifts as possible for this Christmas. It has added a little stress, but I have to finish knitting one hat and add some fleece to the inside. I will hopefully have a picture of my 3 nephews in their Thorpe hats at Christmas. My oldest- he'll be known as Bud- said that they needed a tassle on top, so I will be adding that, hopefully, this weekend along with their linings. I hope I get everything done and wrapped in time. I do need to knit one more, the patterned one, but that one doesn't have to be done until after Christmas. I wish I had more time. Don't we all.

Good luck getting all your presents done in time for the holidays.

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