Thursday, December 11, 2008


Things have been a little bizaare on the weather front lately. Earlier this week we had a little snow. All pretty and white but I hate having the commute to work. I drive roughly 30mi one way. Yesterday morning the temperature was a whopping 10F, which is a little chilly for this time of year typically. By late afternoon it was 35. This morning they were talking about the possibility of rain. By the end of the week they are talking lows in the single digits. I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind. I prefer things a little warmer with just a light dusting of snow on Christmas Eve. The freezing cold can stay up north if I had my way. It is tough to get the horses to leave the barn in the morning when it is that cold and of course the dogs don't want to leave the house in the morning either. We have to purposely ignore the scratching at the door to be let back in or they wouldn't stay out long enough to complete their business. I promise I will get some pictures on this blog soon. If you are like me, a little color is nice to have with the reading. Like I said yesterday, I am still trying to figure this all out. I'll learn.

Stay warm!

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