Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

This is what it looks like out my front window. That is a sheet of ice people. I am sooooo tired of using my vacation time at work for this crappy weather. At this rate, I won't have any left when the weather gets nice. This is also one view of my "new" sewing/craft room. I, surprisingly was able to convince my hubby that it was a much better use of space. You see, my other space was upstairs and measured about 7'x9'. Very small and not user friendly, not to mention I just didn't go up there. Instead my stuff was usually spread around the dining room so that I could do laundry and other chores in between sewing etc. We also use a corn stove to heat the house, and with the cold weather we have been having, we hung a blanket at the bottom of the stairs and in the family room doorway to help heat up the main living space. We haven't really used the living room and the family room since TV went digital. We all watch programs together in one room so the family room was just sitting there not being used. I still can't believe he let me have the room. It took a lot of talking and convincing him that we could move the computer and weights out of Hathead's room so he had more space also. That is what convinced him. This has lead to multiple trips up and down the stairs to get everything moved. The boys had to be bribed with pizza to get this all done. Whatever it takes, right?! It took us two days, but things are finally organized and I am so excited to start on my many sewing projects. Oh, and I said I could make some money with my projects and that helped win him over too. Now I have to get busy. Here are some more pics of my space.
There is a large closet that holds off season clothes and jackets/blazers. There are shelves to the left and right of the hanging clothes as well as two full length shelves above the rod. I have a small bookcase beside the desk that holds my patterns and 2 larger shelves to hold books, accessories, sewing baskets and some of my fabric stash. The rest is in the closet as well as my yarn stash. In the middle of the room is a drop leaf table for cutting and work space. I can't describe the excitement I feel at having this space to use. I am so thankful to the men in my house for letting me have this room. I promise to use it and try to keep in in some semblance of order. I have multiple things cut out already waiting to be sewn. I can't wait to expand my wardrobe and do more refashioning. I am so lucky!

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