Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sweater Refashion

I had taken some outcast apparel from my mother a while back and the following sweater has been languishing in a tote since then. I finally went through the tote yesterday after organizing my sewing room. Here the the first refashion in my new space.


It was you basic over sized pullover sweater that was very unflattering. I am sure it is from the 80's. I started by cutting it up the middle, thinking I would just make a basic cardigan. Then I decided to cut the ribbing off the bottom and slice it horizontally a few inches below the arms. I reattached the ribbing in the middle, hemmed the bottom and zigzag stitched the front edges for a lettuce finish.


I added one button at the ribbing and I am quite pleased. When I put it on this morning to wear it, there wasn't as much definition at the waist as I wanted, so I took it in about and inch on each side and tapered up to the armholes and down to the hem. Now I will where it and feel it is a flattering fit. Love the lettuce edge! Such an easy refashion. Give it a try.

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