Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dreary Day Perfect for Crafting

It is another dreary, grey day. Perfect to stay inside and work on the long list of projects I need to complete. First, another Christmas present. I made a pair of soft shoes for my youngest nephew. Unfortunately I don't remember where I came aross this pattern and had lost the assembly instructions. I managed to work my way through it on my own and I think they came out well.
The soles are cut from an 80's bomber jacket that I had. It has had lots of use by me, then by Bud and then by Hathead(that's my youngest-never without his hat). I am disassembling it to be used for, hopefully, many of these soft shoes. The tops are a fine corduroy and lined with a fun cotton robot print. I had also used these same 2 fabrics to make his older brother a messenger bag for his birthday this past summer. I, of course, do not have a picture of that fabulous bag. It has inside divided pockets and an outside back pocket. I wanted to make sure it had a place for all his games and necessities for his PSP.
I finished Bud's GF's hat yesterday after 4 false starts. I had to keep ripping back until I got the right circunference and then I crocheted even until I got the right length before adding earflaps. I will post a picture after I have given it to her. Hope it's what she was expecting. I will give you all the specifics in that following post.
Well, I best get a little laundry and cleaning done and then start on that long project list.

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