Thursday, January 22, 2009

I want my own computer!!!!

I have been trying to get computer time at home so I can catch up on my blogging. First, I had to wait my turn so I could download the pictures I had been taking. Second, hubby says he needs to check on something. Then, it ends up back in the hands of the kids. UGH! Hubby doesn't understand the whole blogging thing I started. I'm not sure I can explain it to him. Between working, kids and the commute there just doesn't seem to be time (or money) to really keep up friendships. I work with some great gals and we get along good and have nice chats, but it rarely goes outside of work, mainly because I live 35 miles from where I work. I know, make a little effort, but that means valuable time and usually money. Gas was terrible a few months ago so I didn't do anything extraand now I'm in the habit and a fraid the prices will skyrocket again.
Unfortunately, we live paycheck to paycheck and we own horses. That takes a good size chunk of our income. I wouldn't give up watching my boys ride and it is the one thing we do as a family when the summer comes. Back to the topic, I really don't feel i have any close friends that share my crafty interests. Like I said, we have horses and the kids are in 4-H so there are those families we enjoy in the winter. They are all at least 45 min away from where we live. We did try to sell our house last year so we could move closer to where these friends live, but after a year on the market we called it quits. That was not a fun year. Very stressful.
I read blogs in my spare time at work and knit on my breaks, but there isn't really anyone else who shares that passion with me. There are a couple of dablers, but they are the garter stitch scarf makers and that's it. I've tried to steer them along, but they aren't interested really. I enjoy being at home and sewing and knitting. Gardening and horses when the weather is nice. But, that still doesn't include other people. My husband doesn't like to go places much and I get lonely. I need to express myself to other people who will understand and hopefully not judge. I guess that is what I hope to gain here. I don't know if anyone has found my blog yet, but I am enjoying getting myself out there and maybe in time someone will find me. There is so much i feel I have to say and share and would like to try. I don't think he gets that. He has a good buddy that drives truck, so they are able to talk on the phone during the day quite a bit. I can do that with my sister and my mom, but they are a few hours away. I seem to be more comfortable with the computer talking thing. I am able to use the computer at work but the pictures are on the laptop at home and some websites are blocked at work. It's not the same. I hope to get some computer time at home tonight. I need to list some things on ebay and share some photos with you here. Thanks for listening.

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