Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Addicted!

I got a drop spindle for Christmas and I am hooked. I finally got a chance to sit down and spin a couple of small skeins last night. I'm hooked. I puchased a drop spindle and roving from Annie Mae on ebay. She might have an etsy store also. I also purchased some roving from etsy. I will find the store and post it with pictures of my itty bitty skeins. I am so hooked. Now I need to investigate how to ply. I think I might stick to some single ply knitting for right now and work of the plying later. My hubby will distressed to know that I will now have to stock up on more fiber. Like I said, I am now addicted. If anyone out there knows of a good site to help me better my spinning skills and learn to ply, I would appreciated it.

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